Who we are

US3 is an International Triathlon Team composed of athletes in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berkeley, Madrid, Málaga, San Francisco and Sarajevo.

The US3 was established by an international group of friends in 2014 in Lake Tahoe, California, during an Ironman race that never took place due to weather conditions. We dreamed of a way to keep us all connected through the practice of sports regardless of where life led us to. We also dreamed of setting a network where we could share our challenges, dreams and projects and build something beautiful together.

So here we are now, gathering more than 40 friends across the globe. The dream has come true. We are growing in numbers, but more importantly, we are spreading our vision. We are becoming better athletes and better individuals. But this is not only about personal goals. We are proud to call ourselves a TEAM. We count on each other. We help each other. We prioritize family, friendship and health over performance. And…yeah, we challenge ourselves too. We dare to overcome our fears and limitations beyond the actual sport practice.

Everyone matters in the US3. That is why we focus on how to support beginners, age groupers, fathers, mothers and normal athletes. We know that most of us struggle to find time and motivation to train. We´ve got crazy work schedules and family obligations. We travel. We need to rest. Our goal is to embed training into our lives, not the other way around.

We truly believe that the values we share in the US3 (Generosity, Kindness and Enthusiasm) can inspire and transform other´s lives. Our long-term mission is to provide value to society through the development of projects and initiatives geared toward health care and best sports values dissemination.

We are happy to welcome you to the Us3 Team, the most fun and enthusiastic Triathlon Team in the world. ENJOY!

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