Core routines consist of 12 exercises in 4 sets of 3 exercises each.
Hold each position for 30s to 60s except for dynamic exercises (in this case do as many reps as you can in 30s to 60s)
Do them in order with no rest in between exercises nor sets.
When a position requires one arm/leg, then do half time right & half time left (15s to 30s each)

Total time is

Beginner: 6 min = 12 x 30s

Intermediate: 9 min = 12 x 45s

Advanced: 12 min = 12 x 60s

  • Set 1

Targets low abs. Engages the core and sets correct posture.

Push the floor with your lower back by engaging your lower abs (try to squash an imaginary sandwich below your lower back)

  • Set 2

Targets hip, glutes, hamstrings and abs. Sets hip stability.

Squish your glutes and hold your hip up, keeping a straight line from your shoulders to your hip and knees. Engage the core to relief stress from the lower back

  • Set 3

Targets obliques, hip and glutes. Works lateral alignment and stability.

Maintain a straight-line from ankles-knees-hips-shoulder. Don´t drop down / back your hips.

  • Set 4

Targets transversus and rectus abs, hip and glutes. Works front alignment and hip stability.

Maintain a straight-line. Don´t drop / rotate your hips unless you see that on the pic.

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