Us3 Code of Conduct

  1. Us3 athletes behave exemplary both training and racing, as if our kids were watching us asking for advice.

  2. Us3 athletes help each other and actively contribute to the team with the best of their knowledge and capacity.

  3. Us3 athletes are kind and generous with other athletes.

  4. Us3 athletes respect traffic rules with no exceptions, regardless of what other people do.

  5. Us3 athletes are not ashamed of warning other athletes when they are not following traffic rules or not behaving properly.

  6. Us3 athletes welcome newcomers and help them go through their first steps in triathlon.

  7. Us3 athletes spread their joy and enthusiasm in every event they attend.

  8. Us3 athletes are tough, persistent and determined to achieve their goals.

  9. Us3 athletes prioritize family over training and personal growth over results.

  10. Us3 athletes are conscious that the team existence depends on their participation and engagement. Therefore, they work together to maintain the team structure and services, and develop initiatives to help it grow.

  11. Us3 athletes behave as an international family and promote actions to keep us all connected and motivated across the globe.

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