Us3 Mission, Vision & Values


Live, promote and disseminate the best values of sports through our international network of friends, providing resources to help them train efficiently, race safely and stay motivated to achieve their personal goals.


Provide value to society through the development of projects and initiatives geared toward health care and best sports values dissemination.



In a social media world were results and inspirational stories have become moral references for the masses, we believe in a different approach to success. We believe in triathlon as a channel to empower, live and spread what we think are the best values of sports and life: fair play, generosity, kindness, immaculate respect for the rules and the others, hard-silent work, deep enthusiasm and passion.

We are committed to being exemplary in our conduct and to focus on what makes us better, not faster. We believe that this kind of commitment shapes our character and impacts the lives of those who surround us.


We work relentlessly to become the best version of ourselves, both as athletes and human beings. We are generous in our personal effort but also kind and generous with the others. For us, performance is much more than a PR.


Passion and joy is what drives us. We laugh, cry, dance, yell and hug more than any other team out there. We are proud to consider ourselves the most fun and passionate team in the world.

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